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Welcome to the Playstation World

With the largest and best 32-bit software collection on the planet for a console,
the Sony PlayStation is the premiere next generation gaming system available
in the US. If you haven't tried it yet, do so today!

In this page, I will also put some of the games I have played
and if any of you have comments, you can directly send an e-mail,
to this address below:

RPG maybe is the most famous genre these days, but, since I am not
an expert of it, I will put a links to Chi Pan's RPG Page, RPG Dreamer
so you can read all about it.
FYI, Chi Pan is an RPG Master from Canada.
If you want to talk to the other playstationer, you can joint Plastation List
on eGroups, by sending an e-mail to:
or an Indonesia list:


Silent Hill
Dino Crisis
Tomb Rider II
Tomb Rider III
Tomb Rider V
Lara Croft Sp.Page